Langwathby Hall Farm

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Plenty of room to roam

Our indoor environment is inspired by the Danish concept Hygge (pronounced Hoogah), we embrace cosiness, comfort and pleasure.

Our homely feel is created using many household items, and the placement of soft furnishings and natural light alongside table lamps and fairy light. Our underfloor heating creates a warm atmosphere without posing any safety hazards at all. Textures fill the nursery on walls, display boards and are embedded into activities and furnishings.

We have three main rooms in our nursery for the different age ranges, as well as shared areas such as the studio and library, and of course lots of room in the great outdoors!

All children thrive from the moment they arrive at this calm and unique setting. They consistently show that they feel safe. All children develop strong bonds with the caring staff.
Ofsted Report

The Adventure Nest & Adventure Cove (0-2 years old)

Within the Adventure Nest and Adventure Cove we ensure a bright start is provided for your baby. Our baby suites are bright, cheerful environments; cleverly utilising natural light and ensuring correct ventilation with a consistent temperature throughout, so that a relaxed, ‘home from home’ atmosphere is created.

With a staff to child ratio of 1:3 the playroom has plenty of dedicated floor space for your baby to crawl and run around. Sleep areas and baby changing facilities are also accessed within the room.

Our experienced staff provide a sensory experience each day and a range of activities to widen your children’s experiences further.

These can include:

  • Treasure hunts
  • Physical games
  • Baking
  • Music and singing
  • Story topics
  • Construction
  • Role play

Loving and caring environments, with first class facilities, maintaining rigid standards of cleanliness, mean that babies receive the very best care and attention. Stimulating opportunities and experiences are available to support your child to ‘learn through play’ from their very first day, all of which supports their development within the prime areas of learning. This ‘learn through play’ philosophy is built on as your child progresses through the nursery.

Routines established at home are, wherever possible, maintained and to ensure everything is communicated back to parents your baby has their own diary, so that you don’t miss out on the day’s events.

All of this means that your baby receives a wonderful and magical introduction to nursery life before moving on to our Explorers Den.

Explorers Den (2-3 years old)

Care in the Explorers Den ensures your toddler is happy and developing through play.

Exciting child friendly spaces encourage exploration and learning through play. Our toddler areas are a natural progression for our babies to more robust activities that are extended to encourage more in-depth investigation and experimentation. This is always fun and enjoyable for children and is planned around their individual learning needs and interests so that all skills are developed.

The independence skills needed for future learning are beginning to become established here and our learning through play philosophy is the key to our happy and cheerful toddler rooms.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with parents to help and advice on your child’s changing needs and including basic life skills such as ‘toilet training’ into nursery life. This gives your child confidence and helps them to develop fully in all ways.

Progress reports in this age group include the 2-year Progress Check as required under the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We will still be looking mainly at your child’s prime areas of learning but we do begin to introduce the more specific areas of learning at their individual development dictates.

Children are therefore prepared for the next part of their creative journey through nursery onto their Pre-school Education.

The Discovery Den (3 years +)

The education we provide in our pre-school is tailored for children aged 3-5 years old. We understand that no two children are alike, so we cater for the individual needs of each child to ensure equality of opportunity through carefully planned activities.

Our experienced pre-school staff work closely with our two Early Years Qualified teachers to ensure the children are receiving rich and varied learning opportunities.

The pre-school room is light airy and well resourced to encourage children’s curiosity. The natural and authentic resources enable children to use their imagination within their play. With fantastic views of the river Eden and beyond, the children are able to observe the ever-changing weather and the effects on the landscape.

The pre-school room is richly resourced for those curious minds; providing challenges as they continue to learn through play.

We plan both child initiated and adult lead activities in relation to each individual child’s interest and development stage. We begin to focus their progress around the prime and specific areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, as we further develop our children in preparation for school, where they will reach their Early Learning Goals.

Letters, phonics and words, pre-writing skills, number work, messy play, art and craft activities, sand and water play, simple baking, wood play and plenty of outdoor activity are all encouraged and provided for to support their school readiness, whilst not forgetting their need to enjoy what they are doing.

When your child is ready to start school, they will be confident well prepared learners. Our philosophy is to promote ‘learning through play’ and research has proven this to be the best way of developing children in all areas of their learning, this then encourage our children to be life-long independent learners.


We provide a very broad and balanced range of learning experiences outdoors to suit all ages and stages of development. There are many zones within the garden as well as our own paddock.

  • Animal area
  • Mud kitchen
  • Willow den
  • Sand area
  • Water play
  • Teepees/boat
  • Planting area
  • Creative area
  • The Bamboo nook
  • Rolling hills

Each area provides children with the freedom to roam and explore their natural sense of wonder. Children are encouraged climb, jump and get muddy in this enchanted environment.

The Baby Bunnies also have a separate outside area annexed to their room for their exclusive use.

The Atelier

The Atelier is at the heart of Lambkins and is a communal space where we can come together in large or small groups. It enables children of mixed ages to spend important time with friends and siblings, whilst taking part in new experiences. The children have access to painting in different forms, drawing, pottery, sewing, floristry, abstract art, baking and much more.

The Library

Our much loved library area is another great place for small groups to enjoy stories, poems and music. There is a wide range of books which supports the children’s learning opportunities in the setting and also the joy of reading at home. Children can lend books from the library to share at home with their families.