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Meals at Lambkins

Healthy balanced meals

At lambkins meal times are happy, relaxed social occasions. Children sit in small groups at tables and are encouraged to serve, talk to each other and also clear up at the end of the meal. At lunch times the Pre-school children lay the tables with table cloths and flowers to enhance the occasion.

Food Hygiene

Lambkins Day nursery has received the maximum 5* food hygiene rating and works in accordance with the Safer Food, Better Business guidance.


Meals provided at nursery are nutritious and well balanced, and are freshly prepared on the premises by our experienced cook who has an understanding of nutrition, hygiene and menu planning. Products are sourced from local suppliers and are used in preparing children’s meals ensuring better nutrition and taste. Our nutritional policy takes into account best practice minimising the use of salt, sugar and other additives. Drinking water is available throughout the day. We cater for vegetarian and other special dietary needs.


Our rotating menus consist of 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and tea. and Also mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack times when fresh fruit, vegetables and water/milk are served. The weekly menu plan is displayed in each room and a copy can be available if requested. Each week sees a different menu to ensure interest and variety. The menus reflect a diversity of cultures, enhancing children’s experiences of the wider world. We welcome suggestions from parents, either regarding their own child’s needs or general ideas for new dishes.


At lambkins we support the weaning process and follow routine set by the parents. Babies start on expressed breast milk or formula milk, moving on to baby rice, rusks, pureed food and finally chunky food prepared from the older children’s menu. We welcome breast-feeding mothers by providing storage for the expressed milk and are happy if the mother wants come back to the setting for the feeds.

What makes Lambkins different?

Meet the

Each member of our team loves what they do and it shows! Enthusiastic and caring, meet the people that make Lambkins.

with Parents

We work in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible environment for each individual child’s needs.

A Love of

Praised in our Ofsted report for the quality of our Early Years Foundation Stage engagment, we learn through play.