Working with Parents

At Lambkins we are committed to a continuous process of listening and responding to parents. This is both in terms of their child’s learning and development and listening to their views and ideas. We have an open-door policy so that parent and carers are always welcome to talk to staff at nursery.

Key Person System

Care of a child at whatever age is important and a consistent carer is of value. We therefore operate a Key person System which enables the parent to form a relationship with one of the staff team and it is this member of staff that continuously observes the child and notes the child’s progress and development. All our members of staff are available to the parents at the beginning and end of each session to discuss any issues they may wish to raise. Additional appointments can be arranged to discuss any concerns.


The transition of a child from one part of the nursery school to another is carefully planned to ensure that the child makes a successful transfer with little or no stress. Transition reports are written from the old key person to the new one and this involves parent’s comments to ensure they are fully aware and comfortable as their child moves up through the nursery.

Parent’s Evenings

Parent’s evenings are held every 6 months to discuss children’s progress and development. This is based around a child’s ‘profile’ which is a continually evolving record of their progress and development whilst at nursery. Your child’s progress is shared termly through the Family app and can also be discussed at any point on request.We welcome suggestions from parents, either regarding their own child’s needs or general ideas for new dishes.

Family newsfeed

Our family newsfeed informs parents of events, initiatives and general nursery news. Parents and carers also have access to the Family app, an online Learning Journal, where we can share information, observations, photographs and even videos of your child. More information on this is found in our Learning through Play page.

My first ever baby joined the nursery when he was 9months old; we were both settled into this new and daunting experience! We were made to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. Our son has thrived since being there and smiles every time we take him to the door!

Anna, parent

Staff are exceptionally skilled at using a personalised approach to transition to get to know all children incredibly well. They use this knowledge to adapt their practice and to ensure that all children's personal and emotional needs are consistently met to the highest level.

Ofsted Report 2022-23

Lambkins were a huge support to both me and my eldest little girl when my son was hospitalised. They went that extra mile making sure life was as normal as possible for her. We could never have got through the past few months without them.

Katherine, parent

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The Lambkins story begins with a passion for a free-range nursery environment with little ones embracing the countryside.

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