The Lambkins Experience

Lambkin’s day nursery provides an organic environment that encourages children to thrive. We believe on a hands on approach in running the nursery, which has enabled us to provide a safe home from home experience for the children and families in our care.

Psychologists have proved that the first five years of our children’s lives are crucial. During this time their brains are developing most rapidly and can absorb more information than at any other time during their lives. It is in these first years that we can deeply affect our children’s self-esteem and shape their future by what we say and do.

During this formative stage it is therefore vital to place children in a nurturing environment where, not only can they learn and absorb most effectively, but they can begin the important process of relating to people outside the safe environment of their own family.

Lambkins is committed to ensuring that all children benefit from attending nursery and their well-being is paramount. With the nursery being situated in such a beautiful part of the Eden valley, we can provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities for the children in our care. By providing a safe, cosy and calm environment we hope to develop individuals with a positive self-image of themselves and others. At lambkins we believe it is important to view the ‘Unique Child’ and we therefore place a strong emphasis on each child’s individual interest and development.

Lambkins truly are a fantastic nursery. They have fantastic facilities indoors and out as well as amazing staff. Our daughters love going!

Becci, parent

I have come across many nurseries and pre-schools and I can honestly say that this is by far the best one I have ever seen.

Emma, parent

An excellent nursery with fabulous child focused staff. I have no worries leaving my child in their hands when at work - what every parent wants!

Jayne, parent


The Curiosity Approach

Lambkins is working towards The Curiosity Approach accreditation. This approach aims to bring curiosity, awe and wonder into early childhood and create the ‘thinkers & doers’ of the future by allowing children to explore natural objects and use their imagination. It has been shown this encourages much higher levels of well-being, independence and confidence; and we promote this approach throughout Lambkins.

Bright shiny beautiful items, eclectic random treasure that capture childrens imagination. We use resources with a mix of textures and stimulus with a focus on natural materials and everyday objects; allowing the children to explore and discover. In our environment, we favour neutral and earthy tones that give off a sense of calmness to promote emotional wellbeing, learning and positive behaviour. This is amplified by our fantastic outdoor spaces where children can roam fields, collect eggs, feed lambs, dabble in ponds and clamber over logs and branches, or simply cook something up in the mud kitchen.

At Lambkins we believe in being immersed in the environment, with good old fashioned fresh air, exercise and possibly quite a lot of mud!

British Values

We are promoting the development of the fundamental British Values in the nursery – through providing a wide range of resources and activities that reflect and value the diversity of children’s experiences and actively challenge gender, cultural and and racial stereotyping. This means that we support children to develop a positive sense of themselves, to be confident to speak out and have their opinions valued, but at the same time to be understanding of others.

The fundamental British Values are:


Democracy – making decisions together – empowering each child to make decisions appropriate to their age to build self-confidence and independence. We encourage the older children to talk about their personal feelings and help them to recognise that their view counts.


Rule of Law – understanding that rules matter – we have ‘golden rules’ which the pre-school children have helped to develop and which we are all responsible for following. We help all children to start to understand their own and others behaviour and its consequences.


Individual Liberty – freedom for all – children are presented with a range of resources from which they can choose and develop their own activities. We encourage children to play together and highlight achievements and group learning experiences.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance – encouraging children to treat others as they would want to be treated. We celebrate a range of world festivals and events, provide a wide range of books and plan different role play experiences to engage children in different situations to support them to learn about different cultures and interests.


We are Outstanding!     

Read our latest Ofsted report here >

Lambkins Nursery

Into the woods...

We take part in weekly outdoor Forest School sessions where the children get outdoors and explore nature.

Forest School
Lambkins Nursery

Healthy Eating

Our meals are made with no refined sugar, reduced salt, and lots of love! Prepared on-site, we cater for all little tastebuds.

Lambkins Nursery

Room to Roam

Our recently refurbished rooms coupled with our fantastic outdoor areas offer space for children to play, learn and relax.